Antibiotic Action Champions

Who are Antibiotic Action Champions and where are they from?
Champions are and can be from all professional and public walks of life across the globe.  They could have a social network of just a few family and friends, or a professional network of hundreds of colleagues.  What really matters is a willingness to tell everyone  about the importance of antibiotics and the need for new treatments for infections.

There are two groups of Antibiotic Action Champions:

Individuals – Click here for a list of current Champions.
Champion Laboratories – One of our champion laboratories is at the University of Birmingham, a laboratory established by Prof Laura Piddock, past Director of Antibiotic Action.

What do we expect Antibiotic Action Champions to do?
We want Antibiotic Action Champions to help us tell everyone about why antibiotics are important, why they need to be used appropriately and why it is important for new treatments to be developed. To talk to others about us, mention us at conferences, in teaching, on slides on facebook, promote us via Twitter. No experience needed!!

How we support Antibiotic Action Champions?
On becoming an Antibiotic Action Champion you will receive an electronic set of resources that you can download and use.  We can also provide stands, posters, postcards and even Antibiotic Action T-shirts if needed.  Our Antibiotic Action Champions Resource Flyer identifies some of the ways you can help.

We also provide Antibiotic Action Champions with a slide set to help them raise awareness.

How do I become an Antibiotic Action Champion?
Simple – just contact Michael Corley or +44 0121 415 8167 to sign up and receive your information and resource pack or complete the form below:
Antibiotic-Action-Antibiotic Action: Further Information and Registration Form

We look forward to working with you!